BuilderMT Maintenance Scheduler Configuration


The BuilderMT Maintenance Scheduler is used to schedule and configure routine maintenance activities. The times set to run maintenance should be when the maintenance utility will have exclusive access to the database, without interruption. The maintenance process will perform backup, validate, and restore all databases. If the option to check for updates is selected, the software will immediately check for updates after the restore function completes. E-mail notifications using the company's SMTP server can be configured to report errors, schedule adjustments, or report successful completion.   

Warning: The Database Maintenance Scheduler application shuts down the Distributed Access Server and accesses the live database. Be sure to schedule maintenance for times when all users are logged out of the database(s).
  To configure the Builder MT Maintenance Scheduler:
  1. Click Start in the lower left corner of the Windows desktop.
  2. Select All Programs > BuilderMT > Builder MT Service Configuration.
The Builder MT Service Configuration window opens.
  1. For maintenance configuration options, click Configure Maintenance Scheduler at the bottom of the screen.
The Configure Maintenance Scheduler screen opens.
    Enter the appropriate settings according to the following parameters: Maintenance Schedule
  1. Enter the Maintenance Period Start and Stop times in 24-hour format (For example, one in the morning is 1:00 and 11:00 at night is 23:00):
  2. Select the appropriate setting to Update stop time if maintenance takes longer than scheduled.
  3. Select the appropriate setting to Send message if stop time is auto-adjusted to:

Database Maintenance
  1. Select the appropriate setting to Perform database maintenance during maintenance period.
  1. Select the appropriate setting to Send message when error occurs to:
  1. Select the appropriate setting to Send message when successful to:
Product Updates
  1. Enter the appropriate selection to Check for Product Updates During Maintenance Period.
  2. Make the appropriate selection to Download available updates to the server's update folder.
Prior to running setup.exe, see Updating_the_Server, Updating_Workstations, Upgrading Databases, and the Installation Guide for more information on the product update and upgrade database process.

  1. Mark the appropriate checkbox to Send message about new update to:
SMTP Settings These fields are required if the Maintenance Scheduler is to send any e-mail notifications.
  1. Enter the SMTP Hostname and Port number of the server which will send notifications.
  2. In the From Address field, enter a valid e-mail address from which the notifications will be sent. The address should correlate with the user name and password entered. If a company or department name is entered in the User Name field, a valid generic e-mail address for the company or the department should be entered.
  3. Verify with the administrator if authentication is necessary.
  1. Click Send Test Messages located in the lower right side of the screen to verify a connection to the e-mail server can be successfully completed.
  1. Click OK to save the settings and activate the Maintenance Scheduler settings.

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