Overview of Scheduling Activities

  "Scheduling activity" describes a type of construction work to be completed, and is used to define events within a construction schedule. Once the Trades are defined in the system from the Setup > Trade Setup screen, scheduling activities can be set up.     Activities have a name, a trade (optional), a default duration and lag time, checklist, and work week, and can be made available at the company level, or only for a particular division.   If the client is also using the Purchasing module, scheduling activities may be linked to purchasing activities. Scheduling activities differ from purchasing activities in the fact that one schedule activity may be linked to multiple purchasing activities. This allows the user to complete all the purchasing activities automatically when a schedule activity is completed.   Linking a trade to an activity creates the link to the default supplier (See Understanding the Default Supplier in Scheduling).   To access the Scheduling Activities Setup screen:
  1.  From the Setup menu, select Scheduling Activities.
      When making changes to the default duration, default lagtime, or anything else that affects templates, users can elect to apply the changes to any templates in the 'Apply changes' pane by marking the appropriate template checkbox(es).

Because multiple changes can be made to activities before saving, only those changes made after marking the template checkbox will be applied to the template.  
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